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Call for the granting of the specific remuneration regime to new installations of production of electricity from renewable energy sources in the Spanish peninsular electrical system

Tarih: 08/03/2016



Spain is firmly committed to achieving 20% ​​of renewable energy by 2020. It is currently over the foreseen track to achieve this objective (in 2014 it reached 17.3% compared to 12.1% expected, including biofuels) and it is also ahead of most of our neighbouring countries (5.5% in the Netherlands, 7% in the United Kingdom, 13.8% in Germany or 14.3% in France), according to Eurostat.


To further progress in meeting climate change targets, the Government plans to boost the introduction of new renewable energy into the system.


In this sense, the introduction of up to 3.000 MW of renewable energy in the peninsular territory is foreseen through a mechanism of competitive and technologically neutral auctions, where different technologies can compete in equal conditions. This aims to ensure that the most efficient and cost-saving projects for the consumer are incorporated, in line with the guidelines given by the European Commission.


The new projects will have to be executed before 31 December 2019, so that several intermediate milestones and a system of guarantees and controls are foreseen.


The regulatory proposal (consisting of a Royal Decree and a Ministerial Order) regulating the auctions procedure and the allocation of the most competitive projects was sent on 29.12.2016 to the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC):




The approval of these proposals will be accompanied by the approval of a Resolution of the Secretary of State for Energy where the rules for the auction and the concrete date of the call will be established.


For further information, please contact:


Deputy Directorate-General for International Energy Affairs

Secretariat of State for Energy

Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda

Phone: +34 91 349 74 05





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