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Short History of Spain:

25,000 to 10,000 B.C.: The cave paintings of Pinal, Pena de Candamo, El Pendal, Pasiega, Ribadesella and Altamira demonstrate the existence of a fine culture in the Magdalenian period.

1100 BC.: Commercial and  cultural contact was maintained with the Phoenicians and Greeks until the middle of the 3rd century A.D.

218 to 201 B.C.:  Rome annexes the country and divides it into two provinces: Hispania Citerior and Hispania Ulterior.

411 A.D.: The Barbarian tribes sign an alliance with Rome, which enables them to establish military colonies within the Empire. New settlers from the North  settle on the Peninsula: the Visigoths in the interior and the Swabians on the West.

568-586:  The end of the Roman empire in Spain.

711: The Muslim troops cross the Strait of Gibraltar and defeat  King Rodrigo.

712: Muza ben-Nosair completes the Muslim conquest. End of Visigothic period.

718: The Christian Reconquest of Spain begins.

913: Christians establish the capital in León.

1469: Isabel I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon are married

1492: The Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, complete the Reconquest by conquering Granada. Discovery of America (October 12th).

1588: Disaster of the Invincible Armada against England. Spanish Empire in slow decline.

1700-1714: War of the Spanish Succession. The war ends. Borbón dynasty accedes to the Spanish throne. Spain looses Belgium, Luxembourg, Milan, Naples, Sardinia, Minorca and Gibraltar.

1808-1813: The Spanish people rise up against French domination.

1812: The beginning of Spanish constitutionalism.

1898: War with the United States. Spain looses. Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines are turned over to the victors.

1914 - 1918: Spain remains neutral in the First World War.

1923: General Primo de Rivera's  dictatorship.

1931: After municipal elections, the Republic is proclaimed.

1936-1939:  Spanish Civil War.

1939-1975: General Francisco Franco's dictatorship established.

1975: Franco dies, Juan Carlos de Borbón is proclaimed King.

1978: The Spanish people approve  the new Constitution. Spain becomes a parliamentary monarchy.

1986: Spain Joins the European Community

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